Friday, January 28, 2022

January 28th, 2022

 January 28th, 2022

Happy Friday, everyone! What a beautiful day here in Seattle. The kitties are all enjoying this sunshine in one form or another. They're either energized by the brightness or overcome by their desire to nap in the sun spots! Let's see what everyone is getting up to today.

Albi has been very chatty this morning! Wandering around the cattery, following us humans around, we've had several conversations so far. Albi's also really soft, so we have to squeeze in a few snuggles amidst our deep conversations!

Arwen and Lego keep showing off more and more personality with each passing day! Lego even tried out the window seat today - it seemed like he enjoyed it, though he didn't like being caught in the act. No worries, Lego, you aren't in trouble! Arwen is keeping things chill today, leaving the curiosity and adventure for Lego.

Bella and Luna are both soaking up the sun today! They're thrilled the sun is out and are making sure to spend as much time as possible either outside or somewhere they can see the sun's rays. Luna really loves perching on this shelf above the door, but she's been hopping down on her own for dinner so I don't break my neck trying to get up there myself! Very kind of her.

Cleo seems like she's really enjoying being back at AMK! She generally prefers to do her own thing, and that's definitely what makes her happiest. So far today, she's explored the main cattery, enjoying the daylight from the warm inside of the building.

Felix hopped out for a bit today to say hello, but mostly I think he was asking what time dinner is served. When he realized I wasn't bringing it around right that second, he lost a bit of interest in hanging out with me. Scarlett, however, is one of the most curious kitties in the office right now! I often find her exploring other kitties' condos, napping on top of a condo, or sniffing around the window boxes. 

Frankie took a lap or two around the office today! I can tell he's pretty curious, but he's not really too sure about the other kitties. He has, however, decided he's a fan of getting pets from me, which is great news. He's so soft, it's hard to resist giving him a nuzzle!

Maks just arrived yesterday, and so far, he's making himself right at home in his den. There's nothing like settling into a comfy bed and really making it your own. I think he's pretty satisfied with his accommodations!

Oscar is such a sweet cat - we're wondering if we can just keep him around forever! He's got a great personality. Today, he sat in the window seat for a while, getting his fair share of the sunlight before heading back to his den for a cozy nap.


Phoebe's still trying to figure out how she feels about everything... But that's okay! It's her first time with us, so we expect a little bit of an adjustment period. She's got a great condo, right next to a nice window and a comfy den to snooze in, so hopefully she'll feel at home soon. It's an added bonus that she doesn't have to leave the condo to enjoy the entertainment of bird watching through her window!


My girl Jessica has been all around the cattery today, getting into a little bit of everything. It's been an errands day for her - she's got to make her rounds and check on things. Tomorrow, she'll probably get right back to napping in her favorite spot. But for now, there's work to be done!

Today's spotting of Rosemary and Sage was a bit easier - I knew where to look this time! But also... It was pretty obvious when I saw the pile of feet pouring out of the basket. At least today I got some photo evidence showing that they do both enjoy their alone time in their individual dens, but at some point, they just gotta snuggle. I can respect that!

Miss Roxy is doing great today, letting me love on her a little still and staying comfy and warm on her heating pad!

Handsome Yolk has a great condo for catching the sunshine without having to lift a paw. His condo faces the catio, so there's plenty to watch - but still plenty of naps to take, too!

That's it for today! We have several kitties joining us today, so stay tuned for Sunday's blog which is sure to be full of some cuties! See you then!


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