Saturday, January 15, 2022

January 16, 2022

 January 16th

Happy Sunday, Everyone!

All of our kitties are being too cute today! They all want all the snuggles! 

Bella and Luna are in love with the catio! Every morning, they are quick to run outside! They only come back in when it is time for dinner! 

Cindy has found her favorite spot! She loves snuggling up under the heating vent!

Felix is still feeling shy but Scarlett is out and about! She is very playful and loves the banana toy best! 

Fennel has decided that she loves her condo the best! Shibden, on the other hand, loves the top of stairs! They are more interested in exploring and food than snuggles! 

Yuki has decided that she loves my computer chair! She has taken to sitting on my lap and needing bed/my legs as I type this blog! Hana loves to nap on the top of the computer cabinet! 

Jessica is a sweetie! She loves to let me know exactly where and when she is ready to a good head rub or back scratch! 

Jules was being the cuddliest today! He loves to follow me about and demand snuggles! I am always happy to give them! 

Oscar is a great guy! Today and yesterday, he started to interact with the other cats! He and Chef love to greet each other in the morning! Chef is very confused by him and follows him around! 

Timmu was feeling very playful today! He was rolling all over the need floors with Scarlett and Chef! He loves the new toys! 

Miniko loves the closet! She loves climbing over the carriers and smelling everything! In the afternoon, she is quick to nap in the closet as well! She is very silly! 

Waffles is settling in! She has not been here in a little bit and has been busy exploring! She loves watching us from the book shelves behind the condos! 

Yolk is back out on the catio! Today, he was very interested in a birds coming to the birdfeeder! He has been watching them for hours and does not seem like he will stop anytime soon! 

Zolo is back and has settled in quickly! He loves his condo by the front door! He has had the same condo for the last couple of stays and he is very attracted!

Zuko is still feeling a little bit shy! He did not say no to some head rubs this morning! Mostly, he enjoys watching everyone from the comfort of his bed! 

Cat Fun Fact! Stubbs, a 17-year-old orange tabby, is mayor of the historic district of Talkeetna, Alaska!

Have a great start of your week and we will see you all on Tuesday!



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