Saturday, January 22, 2022

January 22, 2022

 January 22nd 

Happy Saturday, Everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

We are having a very foggy day here today! All of furry friends love to watch the mist out of the window! 

Bella and Luna have been exploring everywhere today! They have been very active! We have not some sun this afternoon and they have taken full advantage of it on the catio! 

Frankie was feeling a bit shy today! I put a blanket in front of his favorite spot that way he could have some privacy! He really loves his condo and the little cave I made for him! 

Felix and Scarlett are having a great time! Felix loves his condo while Scarlett loves to explore! It is very cute how Scarlett reports back to Felix throughout the day! 

Jessica is always very satisfied with herself after meal times! She always follows me around to make sure that I picked up all the other meals! She is not afraid to sample over cat's leftovers! 

King and Tut have been very interested by the fog this morning! They were quick to run outside and see what was going on! They are both being extra snuggly today! 

Nyla loves the window boxes! I do not have a picture because every time I got to get one, she comes over to say hi! She has been very sweet and loves a good nap in the sun! 

Oscar is the king of the cuddles! Every time I walk by him, he is quick to come over for a snuggle! He is such a big sweet guy! He very wants any conflict! 

Pito is still a little bit shy! He loves his condo and heated basket! He is not very interested in exploring yet but he is always down for a head scratch! 

Roxy has settled in with her heated blanket and comfy rug for her condo! She loves the rug! She has been hanging in her condo all day and loves it! 

Sierra is settling in well! She did a lot of exploring today and has spent the afternoon napping in the sun! She is not very interested in the other cats yet but that will come later!

Willy is very sweet! He loves the top of the stairs! He watches every one who is coming and going! He has not done a lot of exploring downstairs yet but he has met and likes all of his neighbors! 

Yolk was being camera shy today! He was always on the move and was not interested in stopping for me unless I was giving him a good head scratch! Instead, here are some photos of him in action!

Yolk and Jessica are Besties! 

Zoey has settled in easily! She loves to hangout with me while I work on the computer! Her new favorite napping place in with our files!

Zuko loves being up high! When you first cannot find him, just look up! He is willing to come down and say hi if a treat or a toy is involved! 

Cat Fun Fact! Your cat drapes its tail over another cat, your dog, or you as a symbol of friendship!

Have a great rest of your weekend and we will see you on Monday! 



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