Tuesday, January 4, 2022

January 4, 2021

 January 4th

The Sun is out and the ice is melting!

Our furry friends loved the snow but they definitely hated the freezing rain and ice! They were happy to layout in the sun today!

Arti and Mini are both off exploring today! I think they were a bit confused where everyone went after the holiday! 

Chloe was also out and about today! She loves to run around only to run straight back to her condo! She likes to make sure that no one else has stolen her bed!

Dexter and Watson are both very mellow! They love to find a new spot every day for their afternoon naps! Today, Watson decided to nap in Lillie and Stormie's bed and they were nice enough to share!

Juli is a very chill gal! Nothing phases her! She loves to hangout and get cuddles! 

Lillie and Stormie are cuddle buddies and it is too cute! When they are not watching the garden out the window, they are grooming and snuggling each other! 

Memo is a new friend! She is settling in well! She loves to explore and watch the activity in the neighborhood from the window boxes!

Millie loves a good heated blanket! 
When looking for her immediate check all of the heating pads! Much sure not to disturb her too much but no worries as she will let you know!

Momo and Marigold were being extra playful today! They love exploring the basket of toys and playing with Juli!

Roscoe was making friends today! He was confused why so much cats left yesterday so he had to check in with everyone still hanging out!

Saba was exploring today, getting snuggles, and making friends!

Saba and Shaggy are now basket buddies!

Shaggy was all over today! He was busy following Saba around all day! I think he has a new friend!

Yolk loves the window seat! He loves to watch the construction workers on the house below ours! I think he wants to help out! 

Cat Fun Fact! green cat was born in Denmark in 1995! Some people believe that high levels of copper in the water pipes nearby may have given his fur a verdigris effect!

See you all on Thursday!



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