Thursday, January 20, 2022

January 20th, 2022

January 20th, 2022

Happy Friday Jr, everyone! We gave AMK a little facelift and repainted our stairs in the main cattery - we've still got to tidy up some of the rough spots, but here's a little before and after for you!

I think it's coming along well! We just have a few spots to fix where the paint ran behind the tape or smudged in a few spots. So far, the kitties seem suspicious of this new change and only a few have ventured upstairs.

Bella and Luna both spent a lot of quality time outdoors today! They both definitely love their independence and ability to roam around free. Both sweet gals seem to be having a great day with their friends!

Scarlett's photos are a classic tale of a kitty playing with a toy SO adorably, and then stopping the moment I pull my phone out for a photo. You'll just have to trust it was adorable! And Felix here, I'm not sure if he crawled under the blanket himself or if one of the other employees tucked him in, but he sure did look cozy under his little blanket!

Fennel and Shibden both hung out on the catio yesterday, but today they're keeping things a bit more low key. It's a mellow day around here, with Fennel keeping cozy in their room and Shibden returning to her favorite basket!

Please forgive the horribly blurry photos of Jessica - she's taking a page out of Fennel's book and keeping warm in her condo, too. Swapping between naps inside her den and lazy lounging on her shelf where she can see everyone, this sweet gal has me longing for a snuggle session!

Nyla definitely got the memo today, too. She's almost invisible when she's asleep in her den, blending right in to the dark fabric! She's always eager to greet me first thing in the morning when I bring around breakfast. She usually looks out the window for a while after eating, then settles back in for some warm daydreaming.

Oscar continues to blow me away with his outstanding personality! I was a little more tired than usual when I came in this morning, and Oscar was one of the first few kitties to remind me to take a second to breathe - he just nuzzled me and purred for a few minutes, and that's just a surefire way to make any day a little sweeter.

I am so excited for Pimm! He was still pretty shy his first few days with us, but today, he's alllll about showing off his personality! He's been bouncing off the walls with his fun kitten energy, exploring new places and playing with all the toys!

Sweet and quiet owl-cat Timmu found a nice little perch out of his usual repertoire today! Well, to be fair, he has sat here before. It's just that he's recently been favoring the window seats or tops of the condos, so it was fun seeing him up on the shelf!

Yolk was looking absolutely regal this morning from his perch on the catio. Sometimes, when my brain is still powering on, I want to call him "Egg"... Then I have to remember that he's PART of an egg, not a whole one himself. Well, a Yolk might not make for a good omelet, but he definitely is an important part of a balanced morning routine.

Miss Zoey is one of our newbies, and she's starting to feel comfortable enough to explore! Though she spent the first day or so curled up in her den, she actually didn't seem particularly scared or unhappy - just cozy! I think now she's gotten used to the sights, smells, and routines here, so she's feeling more confident about putting herself out there. 

And last but not least, sweet guy Zuko! I've noticed Zuko really enjoys high perches like this one out on the catio. I've seen him outside a little, but it seems like he really enjoys the tops of the condos inside. Sometimes, he'll be on the tallest shelf we have in the cattery, and I won't notice him until I start calling for him and he hops down! He's a sweet boy - so smart and playful! He really enjoyed spending some quality time playing with one of our feather toys yesterday.

That's about all I have for you today! Another great week here at AMK. These days when we don't have a full house are always nice - a little extra time to love on, talk to, and get to know the kitties is always welcome! (And yes... I do talk to the kitties quite a bit... Sometimes they talk back!)

We'll see you back here on Saturday for our weekend update!


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