Sunday, January 1, 2023

January 1, 2023


It's January 1st!

To all the kitties and their families! 
From the AMK Team!

A-Pui playing bird toys with Blossom

Luna S making her way around the cattery

(spy a Loki on the shelf behind)

Tenzing is just a cute guy. 

Millie reaching out for a pet

Cyan is making friends

Edward would like to know why he can't go in the food room and Vivian being sweet in her condo

Watson loves helping us clean. He's a good supervisor

Dexter and Watson exploring and napping brothers!

Jules Claws posing for the camera

Almond being a ham on the catio

Luna B helping us clean the condo above her and doing a little exploring

Jump and Kermit exploring together

Raleigh being cute in his fave basket

Loki and Raya have both become explorers. Raya likes the warm spots at the top of the stairs and Loki like the warming beds on the book shelf

Chloe exploring the catio!

Rosie being cozy in her condo and chilling in the catio

Elko being a ham on top of the condos

Blossom enjoys the window and condo exploring

Waffles spends almost all her time on the catio. 

Clovis having a few treats


Pip enjoys the petal bed. It's her fave and she will not share. 

Hamza enjoying the windows.

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