Friday, January 13, 2023

January 13th, 2023


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! 

Hug a black kitty today! 

A-pui loving time in the sling with cat herder Emily

Pip cuddling up in Apui's tent, poking a head out for some pets

Arya Stark enjoying the window in her condo

Artie and Mini exploring the high places

Nittany found the purrfect hiding spot

Jessica loves cubbies!

Bubba and Taro enjoy their time by napping and exploring 

Maya relaxing and talking about relaxing, 
peep a Watson looking around the corner

Goldie checking out the catio, she did not request the rain and would like to know who did

Obi doing a little upper and lower space exploring

Goji doing condo yoga

Tors and Watson exploring independently, they will compare notes later 

Chip peeking out

Baker and Kyrie finding cozy places

Patrick says he smells something here, is it treats?

Rocky Rockstar returning to bed after breakfast

Millie getting some window time and playtime! 

Almond enjoying a rainy catio day

Jules relaxing in his condo

We will see you Sunday! 

-AMK Team 

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  1. So great to see all these kitties. I love the yoga kitty and deeply love seeing my older Millie getting to play and see outside. You all are the best! ❤️