Monday, January 9, 2023

Monday Jan 9, 2023


Its another dreary PNW Monday, but the cats are staying cozy and having fun!

A-pui spent the morning running around the office and climbing the condos, now he's sleepy!

Pip has become so sweet and curious over time :)

Raleigh in his usual basket. He says wake me when its dinner time!

Arya Stark coming out for some feather toy action!

Edgar is a funny guy. He loves his double bed!

Artie and Mini have been watching the other cats from the comfort of their condo!

Oliver like to talk to us from his condo. He has such a cute meow!

Jessica not sure she wants to leave the nice heated floors to check out the catio!

Nittany was very vocal and active today! A first class hunter.

Bubbah is exploring and checking out the other cats. Taro prefers the sanctuary of the condo for now!

Yennefer has ben so cute and affectionate all day, following me around as I clean! 

That's all for today. See you on Wednesday!!
- AMK Team

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