Wednesday, January 25, 2023

January 25th 2023

 January 25th 

Happy Wednesday, we hope everyone is having a paw-some day!

Brutus and Hyra being the cutest and sleepiest kitties!

Gus sees an empty lap and says "yep that's for me"

Jessica is taking it easy today!

Jinx has never been so relaxed, just look at that leg stretch!

Lulu inspecting my nails, she thinks i need a manicure!

Luna loves to talk and explore!

Martin loves his treats and will eat them right out of your hands!

Millie is inspecting the window seat, catchin' the breeze!

Minerva keeps an eye on me while i clean and Artemis comes out for all the pets!

Patrick taking over the computer work today!

Saba is always full of energy!

Scarlett likes to window watch from her favorite nap spot, while Felix likes his condo for naps!

That's all for today, see you all on Friday!
-AMK Team

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  1. Millie is looking good and healthy. I think this upstairs arrangement is good for her, thank you all.