Sunday, January 29, 2023

January 29th, 2023

 January 29th

Happy Sunday, We hope everyone's weekend was purrrrrfect!

Bella and Enzo both love exploring all over the cattery!

Benny came out for come extra pets today!

Brio and Blue both love the catio where they can bird watch!

Puss n' Boots catching some sunshine, while Bootsie is in her usual cozy cabin bed!

Patrick B just woke up from a long nap, I wonder what he was dreaming about?

Scarlett relaxing after chatting away this morning and Felix munching away, he loves his crunchies!

Gus wondering when i will sit down so he can take a nap on me!

Jessica did lots of exploring this morning!

Jinx keeping an eye on the door and greeting all the people coming in and out!

Laptop loves to bird watch!

Luna F likes to watch me clean!

Luna Li is a shy girl but oh does she love chin scratches, so sweet!

Panther is loving the cat tree while Oreo prefers to hangout at the top of the stairs!

Patrick S has made a new friend, and yes its a catnip banana toy!

Roxanne catching some sun before dinner time!

That's all for today, we will see you back here on Tuesday!
-AMK Team

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