Saturday, January 21, 2023

January 21, 2023


Hello AMK FAM!
Today was a feather toy and laser pointer fun! 

Artie and Mini posing together, aren't they just sweet

Jessica getting some playtime in!

Saba is the red dot expert

Felix waking from his nap and Scarlett napping on my lap

Acorn likes to explore other's condos

Zeus getting some feather toy time

Patrick taking a needed break after bird watching

Brownie and Miso are quite a cute pair

Lemon making friends and chasing the red dot

Walter not sure how he feels about the red dot

Alfa keeping warm on top of the condos and Nardo giving his blue steel

Memo making the rounds to all the high up places

Lulu after some treats, showing you her drool

Brutus telling you about his day and Hyra getting some playtime

Random laser chasing photos! 

We will see you all on Monday!
-AMK Team

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