Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to your regularly scheduled kitty photo blog

Whew, what a busy few days! Sorry about the lack of pictures everyone. They're all doing well and being super cute.  Now, time for pictures!!

Cooper found this cat nip ball and is loving it!

I went a little overboard with the pictures

But look how cute and happy he is!

Grizzy on her favorite pillow

Mitchell getting some fresh air

Look how gorgeous Sabrina's eyes are 

Cinnamon hanging out on top of a kitty house

Beau having a lazy day on top of the condos
Frank just has the sweetest face

Silly Beau

Oh Dixie, you are such a cutie!

We have another baby kitten! I'm sooo happy. This little guy is Simon and he is just precious! 

Trouble looking all innocent and sweet

Leo is having a great time spending his day in the outdoor catio

Thumbs already back in her favorite spot

Frankie looks pretty relaxed

Basil really likes spending time in the outdoor cabins

And so does Frank.  =)

Lopo keeping cool under the cabins

Kaplan coming out of his basket for some attention

What a handsome kitty.

Happy Friday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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