Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24th 2014

Lovely little Petunia is the first to try out this sweet new spot!  

Lopo gets excited every time people come around, so he gives us a big stretch!  

My main man Mojo peeks his head out of the highest perch in the catio to say "hello."  

Gus van Cat is a handsome guy who is hanging out in his awesome digs from home.  What a cool carrier! 

Simba arrived at the cattery last night, so he's just hanging out in his basket for now.  

Isis looks relaxed.  I may have woken her up from a cat-nap...

Mary is an exceptionally floppy girl!  

Sweet little Lilly is tucked away in her cozy bunk.  

Happy Wednesday from All My Kitties! 

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  1. Has Simba stopped his hissing fits yet? Thanks for posting pictures!