Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15th

Marilyn smacking her lips for breakfast!

Look at that tail!

After a hearty meal, it's time for a nap.

Dexter loves his kitty bed from home.

Duke is such a gentle kitty!

What a cutie

Pepper really enjoys her lap time.

Duke is now King of the Stairs.

Uh oh, I think Max wanted to be king of the stairs.  Okay, we'll split the title and have two Kings.

Achilles all snuggled up in bed

Babs is doing her impression of a bunny.

Harvey just loves this spot. He doesn't want to be anywhere else

How cute is this kitten? Simon is just the sweetest little boy
Petunia was following me all over the outdoor catio

Sam sticking his tongue out at all the other kittes

Reva seems to be enjoying this warm weather
Uh oh, I think we've got some melted cats!

Frankie doing her best to stay cool and cute at the same time
You must be so hot with that long coat, Rex!

Dixie melting in the heat

Chow time for Basil

Petunia looks so at home!

I swear, Frank does come out of the cabins, just not when I have the camera ready.

Aww Suzy, you're such a cutie

Lopo trying to stay cool outside

Kona has the whole office to herself and she's taking advantage of that by hanging out in the window verandas.

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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