Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28th

Everything is back to normal!
Hard to believe that twenty cats doesn't seem like a lot, but after we've had fifty at a time, this is easy going!

Isis went home today, but Ellen snapped an adorable picture of her hanging out on a shelf!

She also got some play time in with Leo!
what a silly guy

Lilly is a pretty shy girl, but after good petting she was was wagging her tail and nudging me with her head! Such a sweet cat!

Mochi and Pickle are a sweet pair too! they are big proponents of extended nap time

Atticus is pretty sure I wasn't done petting him

His brother Leo greeted me with a nice big yawn

And little Serena was poking her head out of the bottom of their condo!

Igor was worn out from chasing toys all morning

Roseabelle was taking nap, and I don't think needs any excuse besides being a cat

While everyone else was napping Petunia has been seeing all that there is to see in our cattery

I would say the same of Minka but she's been here so much that I think she's just running around for the fun of it!

This is Lopo's favorite spot, which he will only abandon for food and petting

Frank is concerned that his secret spot might not be so secret anymore...

Mojo is just concerned that there might not be enough sun to bask properly

Blog today by Miles, having a great time with all your guys' buddies! We have a really sweet bunch of cats right now that have been great to work with this weekend!

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