Saturday, September 13, 2014

September 13th

The crazy summer vacation times may be over, but it is still hot, sunny and beautiful out there!
And in here, we still have a bunch of napping cats...

Ziggy and Marley were two that went home today, but it was excellent to have them and so good to see Ziggy in better health!

Mitchel, Cinnamon and Grizzy left today as well, and we will miss them so much!
They were our constant company here in the office and so much fun to have around! 

Rufus and Kona are still around to keep us company, but they seemed very interested in napping today

"Did someone leave?" Asks Mowgli

"*Yawn* I didn't notice..."

Just ask Lulu and Arina, it's a napping kind of day

Nap? Today? Duke still wants to play

Dexter and Pepper were content to sit and discuss their meowist philosophies

Just across the room Marilyn is teaching a yoga class

Achilles stretched out his paws some, and then he went back to sleep

Babs is adorable whether she's napping or running around

Lopo here is cashing in on all the sun time he can get!

Rex is content to have the shadiest spot in the sunniest room, and then go to sleep there

Reva was all kung-fu moves today!

Basil was happy in his sun-spot, all he needed was some love and attention

Harvey is smart, he found a napping spot where he can blend right in

Simon was still moving so fast I could hardly snap a shot! This little guy is so adorable

Bird will have you know, its nap in the sun, roll in the shade

Blog today by Miles, feeling a strong influence from the cats to take a nice long nap later today. But for now, I hear some hungry kitties who are pretty sure it's getting towards dinner time...

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