Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 18th

Kona and I were answering some emails together this morning.
Sleepy sleepy Vinnie

Nap time for Marilyn.

But not for Minime! He's wide awake and watching over the other kitties.

Babs has such beautiful eyes.

Aw Achilles peeking his head out.

Millie just came in this morning and is ready to go explore!

A mysterious tail... Hmm...

It's Duke!
Look at Lopo's cute little jelly bean toes!

"Excuse me!" 

Petunia wants to know why I'm not paying attention to her.
Sorry lady, I'll be sure to hang out with you in a bit! :)

Frank all nice and cozy on this rainy day

Petunia's just all over the place! She's sooo sweet.

Sam is following Frank's lead and keeping dry in the cabins,

Frankie is watching over the main entrance and making sure no kitties escape.

Max is another super sweet kitty. He follows me around all day.

Handsome little Achilles.

Your blog host - Ellen

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