Saturday, September 20, 2014

September 20th

Kona getting comfy on my lap

I'm not sure how comfortable that is, but Mary seems to like it!

Aww Vinnie hiding his face from the light.

Isis right at home on top of the condos.

Minime found a cozy bed to settle down in

Duke is in play mode!

Frankie watching over her domain.

Marilyn hanging out above the door

Frankie is displeased with all of the kitties shenanigans going on down below.

Any time Duke wants attention he just flops down in front of me

Petunia has another way to get my attention. To meow and rub against my legs.

Both are pretty effective, I must say.

She kept jumping up and rubbing her face against mine. Petunia is way too cute!

Leopold, what are you doing?

He's such a silly boy and has the cutest little meow!

Mojo, don't you just look so handsome by the garden?

Oh Frank.

Lopo staying cool in the shade

Sam looks so handsome with the way the light is hitting him.

Minime looks pretty darn handsome too.

Here's one of Petunia's other ways of getting my attention.

Rolling around and being cute!

Millie just hanging out and watching the others.

Have a great weekend!
Your blog host - Ellen

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