Monday, May 10, 2021

May 10th New

Monday has been very busy today with many guest check outs.  
Here are our guests who are staying for the long haul.  

Buzz is showing us how the scratching post works.

While Kiwi watches close by.

Lily loves bouncing around on top of the condos.

Kitten discovers that he has a multi level condo.

Peanut is very relaxed.

A majority of the cats would rather be ON TOP the condos
rather than inside, like Jubilee here.

Oh my goodness Smokey.  Would you just hold still so I can take your photo?

Shophie explores the window cat veranda.  It's a nice day to look out into the garden below.

New guest Mochi is still a little uncertain, but we're hoping he'll learn this is a safe place soon. 

Silly Bucky.  Can this kitty get into any more mischief?

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