Thursday, May 6, 2021

May 6th, 2021

 May 6th, 2021   

It's been a lovely Thursday here at All My Kitties! Everyone has been enjoying the nice breeze in between their naps. 

One of our Bellas has really been enjoying climbing the tops of the condos, but had a nice break sitting in one of the window seats today!

Another Bella and her brother Enzo just arrived today, so they spent some time picking out who got which bunk. Bella prefers the bottom, while Enzo likes to be on top and move around more. 

Buzz is always a huge fan of naps in nice cozy dens, but today he had a blast playing with a feather toy and venturing outisde for a little while! Nothing like some fresh air. 

Dolly has her routine down. She picks out the coziest, comfiest bed and spends most of her day napping, but when it comes time for dinner, she's sure to let everyone know!

Fennel's been keeping her bed warm today. She explored her condo a little, but really enjoys watching everyone else from the side lines.

Goose is so handsome! He likes to talk all day, breaking only for naptime. He sometimes even mumbles when he's grooming himself. 

Kingston has the cutest face. He really enjoys his condo, and likes to lounge in every section of it.

Kitten loves finding new hiding places. Her favorite pastime is observing everyone else - lucky for her, she can see out of the window from her condo.

Kiwi loves the catio, espeically with this weather. 

Lily has such a fun energy. She loves rolling around and being goofy, but she also gets on top of the condos and looks down regally at everyone.

Luna spends most of her mornings wandering around the office, but likes to spend her afternoons lounging around in her condo.

Millie has totally laid claim to this spot on the catio. You are almost guaranteed to find her there anytime of day.

Nittany and Kiwi gave each other a friendly greeting earlier before Nittany got some good fun in on the scratching post.

There's so much to see outside on the catio. Ocho really enjoys bouncing from platform to platform, checking out what the world has to offer.

Brother and sister Pete and Pixie had the same discussion as Bella and Enzo - Pete loves the cozy bottom bunk while Pixie perfers to see the world around her.

Much like Millie with her spot, you can always find Petunia in her basket. She will gladly ham it up if you come say hi - she loves rolling around and getting lots of snuggles and pets.

Usually, Raffy's up on the top of the condos, keeping an eye on things down below. Today, he took a turn in one of the window seats to enjoy some fresh air.
Shibden is getting more adventurous - the catio was the place to be this afternoon, and Shibden wasn't going to miss out.

Smokey really loves this little den and almost never leaves - though I did see him hanging around with Buzz at the top of the stairs earlier today. 

Sophie is loving life. She spent today finding the perfect spot on the floor to stretch out and take a nap.

Watson helped out earlier with some emails. He loves a good noggin rub, and he knows where to find them. 
Zeus is a social butterfly who loves sniffing around everyone, just to say hi. Sometimes he will sit and chat with me for a bit, soaking up all the attention. 

It was a very nice, mellow Thursday at AMK today. We hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo!


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