Thursday, May 20, 2021

May 20th, 2021

 May 20, 2021

Happy Thursday, friends! It's been busy here at AMK with lots of sweet, furry friends keeping us entertained.

First up, Apollo! I was cleaning a condo this morning when I looked up and saw someone was "supervising" after breakfast. 

I'm not sure if I was entertaining Arya or if Arya was entertaining me, but we played with the feather toy a bit today. Just look at that determined face! She wanted to carry it off like a piece of prey.

Basso has been the most wonderful older gentleman staying with us. He made himself at home immediately, and is so calm and comfortable. He's a joy to have around.

Cyan was excited to see me earlier, then slightly disappointed when she realized I didn't have dinner ready yet. She's been staying cozy in her den, as it's a little chilly out today.

Ella is one of our newer guests. She's been hanging out both in and on her carrier inside of her condo... So she can keep it with her if she likes. As I type this, she's curled up taking a nap, and I hear her purring. What a cutie!

Jiji just joined us earlier today, and after a thorough exploration of her new digs, she decided that she'd like to find a good spot to hide for a bit. No worries, Jiji, take life at your own pace.

Kevin, our friendliest little fella, is always so happy to see me and any new customers dropping off or picking up their kitties. He's loving the catio the past few days.

Leeloo also got a turn with the feather toy today! As usual, her preferred companion is me, rather than any of the other kitties. She likes to follow me around downstairs. 

Beautiful and sweet Millie has her daily routine down. She picks the warmest, coziest basket on the catio and hunkers down for a busy day of sightseeing and naps.

Artemis and Minerva spent most of their day in their condo - I think everyone wanted to be a little extra cozy today. I caught Minerva napping earlier, but when I snapped her photo she said "When's dinner again?"

Pepper likes to be on top of the condos usually, but he came outside and sat in one of our chairs like a proper gentleman this afternoon. Handsome fella!

I cannot even begin to explain Rajah's mood today. He is so friendly and follows me around everywhere for attention. The photo on the right is the moment he realized Pepper's condo had a view of the outdoors.

Riga's been shy, keeping herself busy birdwatching on the catio. Anytime I come to see her, though, she's happy to get a little love. 

Simba is a master of naps and relaxation. He found his little den in his condo immediately after arriving yesterday, and always looks SO cozy napping in there. Sorry to wake you, Simba!

Sophie usually likes sitting in my office chair, but today, she found a seat of her own in one of our window verandas. So much to see from up there!

Tillamook knows exactly how to get as snuggly as possible in his den. Often, I'll find the entrance to his den totally blocked by his blanket, because he likes to burrow in it and get super cozy. 

Tux and Ubele joined us just yesterday and are both still adjusting. Ubele found she preferred to be on top of the condos, where she can get a good look at everything. Tux, meanwhile, enjoys the comforts of his own condo space.

This is Valyria the moment she realized the toy on the ground across the room made a fun noise. She quickly hopped down from her perch to investigate herself, and ended up playing with the toy for a good half hour. Now, she's resting up from an exhausting day of play.

That's all for today, everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful Friday tomorrow, and we'll check back in on Saturday! See you then.


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