Friday, May 14, 2021

May 14th, 2021

May 14th, 2021

Hi kitty lovers! We've had a busy day today here at All My Kitties and we have lots of photos to share with you!

Apollo settled in right away and choose a spot on top of the condos (off of all the provided bedding up there!)  to claim as his own 

Archie is super sweet and friendly, and although he's a little wary about exploring beyond his condo, he's getting lots of love and attention from us!

Boba is still warming up and likes to switch between her familiar carrier and the cozy den we set up for her in her condo

Bucky is definitely a lap cat! He is so cuddly and sweet and starts purring before he's even settled down. We got lots of snuggle time together today!

Jubilee has a few favorite spots up on top of the condos and it's a sure bet that you'll find her up there

Mochi enjoyed some time out on our window verandas today. She looked a little goofy in that first shot so I couldn't help but share it! But in general she looked so content and pretty in the sun

Peanut showed off her belly and struck some adorable poses while rolling around in the office today!

Sophie's favorite spot is the office chair. Thanks for always keeping my seat warm, Sophie!

Bazbeaux has made himself at home on the catio! He posed for the camera. 

Charles looks super cozy in his spot outside.

Cleo has found all sorts of fun nooks and crannies to survey things from! She likes being tall.

Harvey is adjusting well, and really loves being cozy in his condo.

Like his sister Cleo, Jake decided to be tall today - but he went for a spot with a view on the catio!

Kiwi just got here, and can't wait to explore more!

Leeloo and I had a great time playing with some toys earlier today, then she curled up for a cozy nap in her den.

It is nap time for Lily! She found a spot next to Jake on the catio. They're enjoying the warm weather together.

Millie soaked up some sun today during her naptime. A little sleeping angel!

Miss Penny just adores her bed - you'd think this den was made for her, she fits just right.

Raleigh just got here today, too, and found his place immediately. He adores the catio!

Smokey loves going around and greeting everyone each morning, and usually settles back into his den at some point during the day. 

Stitch just arrived this afternoon and is making himself at home in his den. 

That's all for today, folks. Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend! 

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