Saturday, May 8, 2021

May 8th

 May 8th, 2021

It's a lovely "Caturday" here at AMK!

Bella loves being on top of the world. She's a queen who enjoys surveying her domain.

Bucky is a very sweet little guy who is having a blast exploring. He's gotten a peek at things from the top of the kennels and from the catio.

Buzz spent some time outside today, making new friends and lounging in the sun.

These two brothers, Dexter and Watson, are the cutest cuddlers. Today, they took a nap together in their little den. 
Enzo also spent some time in the great outdoors! The catio was really the place to be today.

Fennel has been a super sweet little introvert. She's so friendly, but spends a lot of time in her own condo. 

Goose loves nothing more than his den. He spent most of his day curled up inside, but occasionally lounged around on the bunk of his condo.

Jubilee found her spot this morning - right above the desk. She's a great companion to have, watching us work.

Kitten is so fun! Another independent kitty, she doesn't care much for hanging around others - but she LOVES finding nooks and crannies to nap in. This windowsill is her favorite.

Kiwi met a few new friends today and they all hung out on the catio. Kiwi also loves following us around the cattery.

Lily likes hiding in plain sight - when you can't find her, look up! She likes to take her naps wherever she can be tallest.

Millie and Nittany did a bit of yoga today. Great stretches, all around.

Ocho soaked up all the sunshine today. Rolling around on the catio is his specialty.

Peanut is still getting comfortable with everyone and had a blast exploring the office. 

Pete, one of our younger kitties here today, LOVES making new friends. Feline or human!

No surprises on where I found Petunia today - her favorite spot, as usual. 

Pixie, Pete's sister, is always ready for the camera. Look at those poses!

Poncho Villa spent some time out in the sun today, staying warm and enjoying the breeze.

Raffy is another one of our friends that loves being on top of things. Every now and then, he also enjoys a nap in our window verandas.

Shibden discovered she likes both the top and bottom bunks today! She's gotten much more comfortable exploring.

Smokey is hard to photograph, because all he wants is pets! He would perfer me give him love than take his picture. Don't worry, we did both.

Sophie is often found in this chair - but sometimes she takes mine! That's okay, we can share.

Zeus is the class clown of the office, but he helped me buckle down and answer some emails for a while today.

That's all for today, friends. We hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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