Wednesday, May 26, 2021

May 26th

  Memorial Day weekend ahead.

 Here are photos before the real rush begins.

Awwww, Lucy is a sweetie.

Basso is a regular here at AMK

Marley has taken over my desk chair.

Lucifer and Lilith exploring their room.

Who is that outside in the window veranda?

Simba has taken over the veranda but Marley thinks it's his turn.

I showed Marley the other window veranda which has a "Birdseye" view of nesting chickadees.

Love at first sight?  Cyan and Jiji.
There was a bit of a hiss exchange following this photo
but all is good.

This is Ubelle's favorite spot.  Sooooo, we just feed her right where she likes it best, high on top of the condos.

Tux isn't quite as social. He likes hiding, snuggled in his basket. 

Bella, are your eyes crossed? They certainly are blue.

Simba is just a doll.

We love Rocky's frequent visits.

Arrived today, Bayley.  He's been here before
but he likes everyone to know who's boss.

Oh my goodness, we have several black cats here at All My Kitties and it's getting a bit difficult to tell them apart.

This is Katie, I think, and she is very chatty.

This is Luna.  I'll be able to tell for sure at dinner time when they run back to their condo for food.

New cats Louis and Dizzy who are not quite ready to come out of their carriers yet.

Stay tuned for many more photos of your favorite felines later this weekend.


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