Monday, May 24, 2021

May 24th, 2021

 May 24th, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! We hope your week is off to a great start. It's a cozy, rainy day here at AMK. A purrfect day for naps.

Archer and Janeway are staying cozy together in their condo today.

Artemis and Minerva have spent their day snuggled either in their den or on top of the condos. 

Arya Stark has befriended Jiji and spent most of her day asleep on top of Jiji's condo. 

Mr. Basso is taking advantage of this sleepy day by napping in his friend Simba's den.

Bella and Luna WERE napping together in their den, but when I came by to take a picture, they pretended they weren't snuggling.

Cyan followed me around a bit today until it was officially nap time. Then she tucked into her den with her warm blankets. 

Ella loves her den. While she hasn't come out to meet the other kitties, Lucifer hoped in her condo to take a nap nearby.

Jiji's been basking in the light on top of the condos today. 

Katie just joined us earlier today, and quickly made herself at home in her den. She's already excited to explore.

Lucifer and Lilith have me worried I'm seeing double - they're hard to tell apart! Plus, they're both so friendly and snuggly. 

Lucy was tough to photograph today - she just wanted me to put my phone down and pet her! She followed me around for all of my photography excursions. 

Cutie Marley has adjusted well. He spent some time today hunting for the perfect nap spot and settled for on top of the condos. 

I caught Millie at the local watering hole. She's been saying cozy!

Puss N Boots discovered the baskets outside are quite warm, even though it's a little chilly out.

Rajah and I have had a great time together today. He loves rolling around on his back and getting lots of pets. 

Riga also loves following me around the cattery. 

Simba is the cuddliest little friend there ever was! 

Sophie just adores these chairs. The purrfect place for her to nap!

Tux is pretty shy. He needs plenty of personal space... but his friend Bootsie comes to visit sometimes, and he doesn't mind that. 

Ubele is ruler of all up on top of the condos! Keeping an eye on things from above. 

That's all for today! We'll see you all on Wednesday with even more furry friends.


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