Saturday, December 11, 2021

December 11th, 2021

 December 11th, 2021

Happy Saturday! It's the weekend, and kitties are having a great time. It was really windy here last night - it was so strong, it blew our trash bins over! Luckily, yesterday was garbage day, so there was no major mess to clean up. Today, it's still pretty chilly and windy, but that's not stopping some of our guests from enjoying the catio. 


Charles, Marie's kitty, has been hanging out downstairs and looked so cute perched up on top of the condo, I just had to add him to today's blog ­čśü But now, onto your babies, our guests!

Antoine is of course back in his favorite spot, THIS shelf on the catio. He settled right in when he arrived the other day. Patrick even came by to say hello, and they shared a few brief greetings before Antoine decided he just wanted to be with his true love - the shelf. 

After getting a tip that maybe Artie just needed someone to escort her out to the catio for her to explore and enjoy it, I tried bringing her out this morning before all the other kitties had started venturing out. It was still pretty cloudy and dreary out, and her answer was a firm NOPE! I figured maybe she might change her tune once the sun came out, but when I came to ask her if she wanted to try again, I swear she said no. I think we had a proper conversation! When I gave up on trying to convince her to come out of her den and join me once more on the catio, only THEN did she come out and accept my apologetic pets. I'll see her thoughts on it this afternoon, maybe I can convince her that the sunshine really makes a difference! Mini, of course, spent her day as usual - perched atop various condos, keeping an eye on her sister, and taking lots of naps!

Bayley explored a little bit this morning before remembering that she likes her condo too much to adventure for long. She kept an eye on me while I cleaned this morning, a thoughtful supervisor.

Carlos is really warming up to us!! He welcomed the bundle of joy that is Nala into his life, and she's a guaranteed friend to all. With her help, he's been roaming around the office, accepting lots of pets and cuddles, and trying out a few new beds to see which one he likes best.

Gideon is staying in the office and got his first opportunity to explore today! He found a cute, cozy nook to snuggle down in, right behind Olive's condo. It's perfect - he can still hang out with Olive while feeling safe and secure. 

Sweet big boy Kodiak has been a lovely greeter today! He's helped welcome in all of our customers, whether they are dropping off or picking up. His sweet, chunky self is always happy to say hello. What a great kitty to have around!

It's just a fact - Lumi has THE softest fur this side of the Mississippi. Combine perfectly touchable fur with a sweet and playful personality? Lumi is a total star. I love getting to spend time with her!

Mak did much of his usual today, napping in his favorite bed, exploring the new nook Gideon told him about, and he hung out with his BFF Nala. It's been a great day for Mak! It's fun seeing him really open up and show off his personality now that Nala has helped him get comfortable.

There she is - the star herself! Nala is singlehandedly making all of our new guests in the office feel comfortable. I'm so proud of her! She's so snuggly and always wants to be in my lap when I'm at the computer. She is a friend to humans and felines alike, a total gem of a kitten. We are so lucky she's staying with us!

Olive was rubbing up on her condo trying to get some pets, so I accidentally snapped some pictures that are more blurry than I would have liked, but rest assured that Olive's request did not go unfulfilled. Cuddles were had, and Gideons were greeted as he settled in to his spot near his friend.

Patrick's having a blast today! High spots, outside spots... The cattery has much to offer a curious kitty like him! 

Primrose went on a little den tour today, checking out what the other kitties have in their condos to see if she wants to make a request for her own space. Right now, she's got a comfy cozy bed, but she did seem to enjoy this round plastic den, too!

Pumpkin! My girl! This kitty is the sweetest. She's been a total joy to have around. She's keeping her condo tidy, she's being friendly with the other kitties, and she's always down for a cuddle session. If I had to send home report cards, this gal would have all A's!

Raffy is less than enthusiastic about having to share a little space with Mak earlier today, but he entertained the idea for a good hour or so. Finally, Mak elected to head back to his bed on another condo top, leaving Raffy to have all the space he wants!

I'll try to add any more photos I take of the kitties today! Isla and Fiaca are still figuring things out, but I think I can convince them to pose for a picture or two this afternoon... We'll see! Regardless, we'll see you again on Monday as more and more of our holiday guests start arriving!


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