Thursday, December 23, 2021

December 23, 2021

 December 23rd

Happy Eve of Christmas Eve!

We have a big group today gearing up for the holiday! We will have an extra large post to open on Christmas Day! 

Apollo was being a lazy boy today! He just wanted to nap and cuddle! It is too funny! Every morning, he and Jubilee decide who will sit in my lap in the morning and afternoon! Today, he got the afternoon shift!

Arti and Mini decided to make it a condo day with the cooler weather! Yesterday, they were all wound up with the rain! Arti was running around with the best of them! Nothing is better than napping after a exercise day!

Beesly and Cooper are settling in well! They love their condo and have had fun today hanging out together and watching the rest of us! 

Bella and Luna have found their new favorite place to nap! It is high up on the shelves behind the condos! Bella found it first but Luna was quick to join her! It looked to comfortable for her to resist!

Blueberry is living the dream! She loves the head rubs and laying in front of the heating vent! She is always waiting in her condo for dinner night! It is too cute that she knows where to go! 

CC and Mango love to explore! Mango loves napping in other cats condo! While CC can only be found if you look up! 

Cleo was up and about today! She loves exploring the catio! She does not care what the weather is like, every morning she must do a patrol of the area! 

Harvey is back and he loves having his condo back as well! He is very shy to tell us when he wants attention! The second photo is him asking politely if we will stop taking pictures and give him a head scratch instead! Obviously, I put the phone away! 

Ella was feeling a little shy today! She was not very interested in exploring! She loves her condo and her basket! She does not have to move to see what we are up to!

Greyson decided that today was a catio day! He has not liked his condo this trip so he spends most of his time exploring! He loves the heating basket at the top of the stairs! 

Hana and Yuki love their favorite spots! Hanna loves her basket and Yuki loves the fluffy blankets on top of the condos! Hanna loves a good head rub while you just have to talk to Yuki to get her to start purring! 

Prince Jammy was very serious today about his bird watching! He was very offended that I would disturb his vigil to take a photo!

Jubilee got the first shift this morning! So he spent the morning email writing in my lap! Unfortunately, I could not move him and my phone was not on hand so I did not get a photo! He was very comfortable and took a nap! 

Juli is a cutie pie! She loves cuddles and her basket! She is all about exploring in the morning and making sure she is back to her condo in time for her afternoon nap! 

Juno has a new napping spot! She loves it because it is right on top of the computer and is a convenient place to ask for some love! 

King and Tut are back and settling in well! Tut spent the morning exploring while King decided to hangout in the condo for the day! They both love their spot at the top of the stairs because it just King the privacy that he like and Tut the ability to explore that he likes!

Maggie is out and about today! She loves to do yoga first thing in the morning and then go explore the catio! She loves a good routine!

Patirck loves Greyson! Greyson is who he wants to be when he grows up! If Greyson is inside so is Patrick! Today, Greyson decided to be outside so Patrick followed him out! 

Phil Collins has settled in well! He loves his condo where he can see everything that is going on and back comments on what he thinks! He is always sure to let you know when it is close to lunch! 

Timmu decided to stay in his condo today! He has a great view into the garden from his current perch! He loves to watching the customers coming and going! I always know when someone is coming because he stands at attention!

Tofu loves the catio! Rain or shine, he is off exploring the catio! He is always sure to make it back to his condo in time for dinner!

Watson has really come out of his shell the last couple of days! He has had more exploring! He has tried everyone's basket until he found his favorite!

Zelda is in consent motion! She is always running about and sniffing new areas! She loves running from the top of the stairs down into the catio! It is her own rollercoaster ride!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are believed to be the only mammals who don’t taste sweetness!

We wish you all safe travels and we will see you on Saturday!



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