Sunday, December 5, 2021

December 5th, 2021

 December 5th, 2021

Good morning, AMK friends! It's quite chilly out today - I don't think the high here in Seattle is over 45 degrees for the day! We're keeping things cozy here, playing some light holiday music on the radio and seeing what our kitties are up to...

Artie and Mini remain divided in their interests during the day. Mini loves a good exploration session - she has particular interest in the various warm spots you might not expect. With our heated floors, she sometimes camps out on the ground! Artie keeps their den nice and cozy so when Mini's all done, they can get snuggled together.

Bird and her new friend Lumi have spent some time outside today! They both have nice, thicker coats (Bird's might be medium length, but Lumi's is certainly long), so I guess the chill doesn't bother them as much! They've been doing laps, coming inside when they want a break from the wind and then heading back out if the (other) birds are doing anything interesting!

Hamza has really opened up to us during his stay, and he even made a bff! He and Spark love to play together. Hamza is also a huge fan of the holiday music we're jamming to today, as he investigated the radio earlier when I was trying to find the right station!

Klaus and Nala have taken over the office! This dynamic duo typically run around the office, following me wherever I go, making sure to beg for lots of snuggles. They BOTH tried to fit into my lap when I got started on the blog. If only I had more hands! I've loved getting to know Klaus during his stay, and it makes me so happy to see him so comfortable with us!

Lumi, Bird's partner in crime, has spent the day similarly to Bird - she likes sitting out on the catio, but is more than happy to come in for nap time and cuddles!

Mabel and Orchid are still working on figuring us out. They LOVE their warm and cozy dens, and they like it when we stop by to pet them for a bit. They aren't quite ready to branch out and explore yet, which is fine by us! The more cozy cuddles, the better, I say.

Mak cracked me up this morning! He was sitting on a shelf that is situated so he can put his bottom half on the shelf while his top half hangs out on top of the condo like he's sitting at a bar. One shot of milk or two? ­čśë

Nala was going CRAZY for this little rainbow this morning! She's been bouncing all over the office with Klaus at her tail (or... I guess she's at HIS tail...) as they figure out what trouble they'll get into today!

Oyster's keeping this calm and cozy this morning. He came out towards the catio for a brief moment before deciding that the warm indoors is what today is all about. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with him today!

Oh, Primrose... She's a goofball! She's been finding all sorts of places to snuggle in today. I think maybe we've been playing hide and go seek this whole time - every time I see her, she's in some place new! It's definitely making my day more joyful.

Roscoe found a purrfect Roscoe sized bed and made himself right at home. Now he's a little purrito! 

Schatzi made some CUTE little faces earlier today - he was hiding behind his den in his condo. This fluffy boy is definitely keeping cozy today - the draft blows right by the first few condos in the building, so a little extra protection is always nice.

Scout seems pretty suspicious of everything, but he does really like his condo. Nothing like a cozy bed to warm you up to some strangers!

When Zip isn't being harassed by Nala (she's a great sport about it, regardless), she likes to spend time on the cardboard scratcher in the office. You might catch her in her den, cozying up for a nap, but Nala makes sure she doesn't oversleep! A loyal little alarm clock.

That's our gang for today! I'll try to add some more photos later today if I get the chance. I love a good Sunday morning blog.

We'll see you again on Tuesday!


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