Tuesday, December 28, 2021

December 28, 2021

 December 28th    

Happy Kwanzaa!

All of our furry friends are still wound up due to the snow! They love going outside only to find out it is cold and come running back in!

Views of the Winter wonderland! 

Apollo is the king of the computer! He is always helping my complete emails and file the paperwork! 

Arti and Mini were very good for their nails being trimmed! They forgave us quickly and were back to playing! 

Beesly and Cooper were both out and about today! They were quick to explore the tops of the condos!

Mango stands as lookout while CC completes her morning yoga session! 


Ella was out and about today! She was not very happy to be disturbed once she found her new favorite winter hide-out!

At this point, Hana and Yuki know their favorite spots and their routine! They are always quick for treats and snuggles!

Harvey did some exploring in the snow today! He quickly decided that he liked his warm bed better!

Jack's condo is right by the heating vent and he loves it! He loves the cuddles! 

Jules is a real ham for the photos! Every time a camera is out, he is ready! Here are a couple of the many pics!

Juli is extra playful today! She is out and ready to make more friends! Yesterday and today was a big turn over of condos!

King and Tut are loving the snow! They love to be out on the catio and run back inside! Once they are nice and warm, out they go again!

Stormie and Lillie have settled in well! They are not very interested in exploring yet, but they love watching the snow fall from the comfort of their condo!

Mac and Octane are the hardest to get a photo of! They are both consistently in motion! They are both now obsessed with the closet and trying out carriers! 

Zelda is settling in well! She loves her condo by the heating vent and is too comfortable to do anything but eat and snuggle! What a life! 

Prince Jammy is having the best snow break! He loves watching the snow flacks out the window! He is always pawing at them! 

Patrick's two favorite activities, snow watching and bird watching! He does not like to be disturbed as you can see from the second photo! 

Phil loves his basket but he will always come out to play and say hi! He loves to say hi!

Scout has settled in well! He loves to take afternoon naps in the files and he is a big snuggler! What a soft guy!

Tuckerman was not happy when I kept him in last night! He loves the catio and he do agree when I said it was too cold!

Zelda loves to jump from the tops of the condos onto our shoulders as we walk past! She loves standing on my back as I clean condos!

Zolo is not a fan of this running about! He likes to stately explore the winter wonderland! Like the lion he is!

Cat Fun Fact! Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents on the air, which is why your cat stares at you with her mouth open from time to time!

We will see you on Thursday!



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