Friday, December 3, 2021

December 3rd, 2021

 December 3rd

Happy Hanukkah! 

Our furry friends are gearing up for a wonderful weekend! 

Arti and Mini having a great time! Arti loves her condo but she will never said no to some cuddles! Mini, on the other hand, loves to explore! She loves the top of condos!

Bird is back! It is always difficult to get a good photo of as she is a cat of action! She loves exploring and seeing what is new on the catio!

Celine loves exploring different condos! She can always be found in a new condo whenever you turn around! 

Hamza has been doing a lot of exploring! He is a bit of a shy guy but he loves attention! Every time we are downstairs, he is ready to show us what he has found! 

Klaus has been very cuddly today! He has really opened up and is not afraid to demand snuggles! We loves giving them! What a cutie! 

Lumi did a lot of exploring this morning! She was a little offended that I wanted to take her picture instead of give her scratches (hence the last photo)! 

Mak is a great eater! He loves to explore and find new places to nap! He especially loving the large bed at the top of his condo! 

Nala loves to explore! She is always in motion! She loves to greet the new cats as they come in! What a friendly gal! 

Oyster is one chill dude! He loves to lay out at the top of the stairs by the heat vent and watch the goings on! 

Primrose has been doing some exploring of her condo this afternoon! She has discovered that she loves the fuzzy cave so we were sure to move it into her condo with her! She is in love with it! Maybe she will have to get one for home :)

Roscoe had too many good photos so I had to add them all! He especially loves the feather toy! He has been playing with it all morning! 

Schatzi has found he loves the catio! He loves the heated blankets and a good head scratch! In the last photo, he looks very annoyed that I stopped giving him snuggles! 

Spark is back and settling in! He loves being back in his usual condo! He did a thorough inspection of his condo this morning! When he was satisfied, he had a great nap! 

Teddy loves his condo! He loves watching us clean and is always down for a good cuddle! 

Zip is a little camera shy! She does not like to have too many photos taken so I have to be sneaky! She loves exploring the closet the most! 

Cat Fun Fact! Studies suggest that domesticated cats first appeared around 3600 B.C!

We will see you all on Sunday!



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