Wednesday, December 15, 2021

December 15, 2021

 December 15th

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

This year has gone by so fast! Our furry friends are making the most of the last month of 2021!

Arti and Mini decided to have a chill day today! Everyone else has been very rambunctious so those Arti, Mini, and Parkour decided that it was better to watch from above! 

Athena has had out exploring today! Every time I turn around she sniffing or touching something new! She especially loves the doorways and the top of the stairs! 

Blueberry had a lot to say today! She loves the top of the stairs the most and loves to hangout with Kodiak as he is a very mellow dude!

Juli and I become friends today! I was not working on the day that she arrived! She is very sweet and very curious! She was down for a good head scratch!

Kodiak has started a crew! You must be extra fluffy to join! So far Blueberry and Lumi have signed up! They love chilling together! 

Leo was very playful today! He even shared some of his toys with Pumpkin! He gave her the butterfly and kept the pink mouse for himself!

Lumi has been very playful today as well! She has been running around with Blueberry and Kodiak! She likes to play with them out on the catio! 

Nala has been playing like crazy today! Her BFF, Mak, went home today so she had to make the most of it! Without him, she had fun playing in the cleaned boxes! 

Nimbus has been very affectionate today! She was getting all the cuddles when Athena came over to say hi! I think they are starting to be friends as well! Or least they like getting cuddle at the same time!

Parkour decided to take it easy today! Yesterday, he was jump around like crazy so today he decided to take it easy instead! It is a good idea to have one day on and one day off! 

Poche was being a little shy today! He was very interested in getting cuddles this morning! This afternoon, he decided that he wanted some time to himself and headed back to his condo!

Primrose was doing some exploring today! As soon as I interrupted her exploration, all she wanted was cuddles so that what I gave her! She is such a cutie!

Pumpkin has made a new friend! She likes playing with Leo! Leo is nice enough to share his toys with her and she loves them! 

Raffy has decided that we are friends! He is seated behind my on my chair as I write this blog! He loves the occasional head scratch but mostly likes the warmth for napping!

Thinley and Rani decided it was a good day to stay inside! They love to cuddle up together! And they love getting morning cuddles! 

Rose loves her basket! She is not very interested in exploring yet but she loves a good head scratch and a warmed blanket straight from the dryer! 

Teddy has been a big explorer today! He loves the catio and cat cabins! He has been busy today watching Marie and John work in the garden! 

Cat Fun Fact! Cats are fastidious creatures about their “bathroom.” If you have more than one cat, you should have one litter box for each!

See you all on Friday!


AMK Team

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