Monday, December 13, 2021

December 13th, 2021

 December 13th, 2021

Happy Monday, folks! We're back to the start of another week, and another gang of kitties to show off! Today's been a little dreary out, so no one has really been out and about on the catio. Some of our braver guests are willing to tough out the chilly air, but most of the kitties prefer the heated floor and cozy air inside!

Artie and Mini are classic connoisseurs of the cozy indoors. Artie greets me every day with the classic chirp and stretch as she gets out of her den for some cuddles. I actually caught her out and about exploring yesterday afternoon, but it didn't last too long. She knows what she likes, and she likes BED! Mini of course has to find the best condo to nap on top of. Today it was condo 2, a great choice since it has a good view of the catio!

Blueberry joined us the other day, and so far is settling in great! She has made lots of friends already, and she's spent most of today exploring the cattery for the best nap spot. 

I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but maybe Carlos likes this bed so much because it looks like him! They have a similar pattern. This handsome little guy likes napping in Nala's bed once he's done making his rounds in the morning.

I was able to snap a pic of the elusive Fiaca today! She's been less than enthusiastic about the idea of hanging out with us, but I think I'm starting to grow on her. She sniffed my hand today which I feel is a good sign!

Gideon found his safe spot again today! He likes to be able to hang out with Olive but still feel tucked in and cozy. Sweet boy! From his vantage point, he can keep an eye on everything going on around here.

Isla also let me take her picture today! I think she and Fiaca stress each other out - one of them will start growling which can cause the other to start growling, and then everyone is unhappy. But today, they were both willing to tolerate my presence long enough for me to take a picture!

Kodiak braved the cold for a while today to take a nap in one of the baskets outside! He pondered at the door to the catio for a good long while before he decided that was what he wanted to do.

Leo had a blast playing with some of his toys today! I had to break out the beautiful catnip rainbow, it's so bright and I've seen other kitties absolutely love them before so I had to see what Leo's thoughts were. He was a big fan! The crunchy plastic pom-pom was interesting for a little while, but the rainbow stole the show for Leo. He let Blueberry and Pumpkin try out the pom-pom for a bit, and they both enjoyed having a turn.

Lumi stepped out onto the catio for a little while today, mostly just to see if anyone else was hanging out there. Once she discovered that indoors was the better option, she followed me back inside for some cozier pets.

Mak has spent most of today snuggled close in his den! He's got a nice fluffy bed in there, so I don't blame him. The window seats only have so much intrigue when it's windy and rainy.

Sweet Nala girl! She LOVES rolling around on top of the condos. You can always either find her up there, following another kitty around, or trying to get in my lap. No complaints here, I love my tiny lap warmer!

Nimbus and Parkour had opposite strategies today. Nimbus loved the heated floor, so he kept low to the ground for most of the day. Parkour instead preferred the tops of the condos, where he could be tall and see what was going on!

Olive was a very sweet girl today. She roamed around outside of her condo for a little while this morning, but she was less enthusiastic about Nala's determination to be friends... So she politely excused herself to go hang out with her chiller friend, Gideon. 

Primrose stayed cozy in her bed today! This little lovebug likes to explore for a little bit in the morning before heading back to her safe spot. She really enjoys her condo, and with a fluffy bed like hers, who wouldn't!

Pumpkin is such a fantastic guest, I really can't say it enough. She's playful, friendly, gentle, and so sweet! She's pleasant to cats and humans alike, but she doesn't force herself on anyone. She's totally content to hang out solo, or to make a new friend!

Raffy was looking very handsome today! He tends to dwell on top of the condos whenever he can. We added a little den up there so he can have a nice cozy spot to sleep, too, and I think he's a big fan!

Rani and Thinley love cuddling together in their den! Usually Rani is the first one to hop out and say hello, but today Thinley was hanging outside of their den first. Of course, when I came around to take a picture of him, Rani couldn't resist getting the chance to model, too. 

That's all for today, folks! A lovely little squadron of furry friends. We'll be back again Wednesday, so keep an eye out!


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