Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17th

Donna found this nice little cubby to hang out in.

Vinnie just likes the comfort of his condo.

Dexter hanging out =)

Sweet little Oliver keeping cozy.

Smokey LOVES the window verandas.

Pepper keeping an eye on all the kitties.

Bitty just got here this morning. Isn't she gorgeous?

Sisters Yuki and Hana find the weirdest places to nap in.

Josie is so tired she can't even open her eyes.

Coco is the cutest little cat.

Sisters Alice and Eve came in this morning as well but they seem to be adjusting just fine.


Double trouble! Gotta watch out for this pair! Atticus and Leo look tough, but they're jello in your hands.

Henry rolling around being adorable.

Minka is still in Star Wars mode.

Brody loves this spot.

Diago found a nice warm cabin to nap in.

I really love the lighting in this photo! Toby is such a handsome kitty as well.

Charlie sniffing his kitty basket.

Babs napping the day away.

Happy weekend all!
Your blog host - Ellen

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