Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24th

Look at how beautiful Bitty is!

"Who? Me?" Yes you. Bitty!

Loki is checking to make sure all the wires are plugged in properly.
Thanks kitty!

I woke Vinnie up form his nap. Sorry!

Kiki is enjoying the view.

Pepper is running all over the place today.

Silly Pepper.

Gomez is just the best!
Dexter snoozing away.
Kali has the most beautiful coat.

Duke always looks so silly from the flash. He's seriously the most handsome kitten ever.

Basso watching over the kitties.

Puss'n'boots relaxing on top of the condos.

I caught Jessica grooming herself. What's that foot doing there?

Lick lick, groom groom groom.

Babs winking at me.

Brody just loves the outdoors,

Olive being adorable.

Maggie is such a cutie! Look at those eyes!

Aw, how sweet is Pixel?

Uh oh....

When Pixel attacks!

Grrrr! So ferocious!

Scratchy loves the comfort of his condo.

Phoenix, I'm not sure Babs wants you to do that...

Phoenix looks so princely here.

Rufus isn't sure how he feels about me taking his picture. You're just too cute buddy!
Malachi, your collar matches the house!

Here I am just hanging out with my buddy, Mr. T. He's such a love-bug!

Your blog host - Ellen

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