Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9th

Ivy makes a lovely head rest.

I'm a little confused by Aurora's napping spot but at least we know she's into recycling!

Rainy says "talk to the paw"

Aw MJ is such a cutie.

TT is a sweetie too =)

Now that's what I call sibling love.

Coco getting some shut eye.

Ah yes, Babs is back in her throne.

Squirt's sniffing around wondering when she'll get dinner.

George just came in this morning but he's got a lot to tell me about!

Of course, Costello was running around "yodeling" all morning but as soon as I get the camera, it's nap time!

Henry looks like a tough guy but he's such a sweetheart.

Charlie getting cozy in his basket.

Frankie taking it easy.

Isn't Lopo so handsome?

Frank in his favorite spot, of course! Where else would he be?
Up high!

Oops, too slow, Pixel!

Frankie got a sudden burst of energy

Abbott enjoying the rainy weather.

Ari looks so sleepy. Did I wake you up?

Grace just chillin'.

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