Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May 7th

 Another fine day at All My Kitties


 Luna is enjoying the cat tree outdoors in the catio.

 Playtime for Linus

Ari watches from the comfort of a nook he found.

 It's dinner time and everyone is finding their food lip smacking good, like Frankie here.

 Babs thinks her meal is pretty delicious too.

 Abbott is keeping a close eye on Costello's meal.

 He licks his lips just thinking about his brother's food.

 Mmmm, mmmm, good.

 Even Luna has a little tounge action going on here.

 Although Ari has already eaten, he can't resist a little piece of kibble he discovered on the floor.

Rainy just cries for more.

Meanwhile in the office I have some helpers.
Twyla sitting pretty on my messy desk.

Ivy is up to something.


Who, little ole me???

Aurora is my kitty paper weight.

Happy Birthday comedian Don Rickles!  Yes, you do look a lot like Grumpy Cat.

Your blog host - Marie

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