Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19th

Brody looking as handsome as ever.

Diago is just TOO CUTE.

Could this guy be any cuter? Honestly.

Dexter in his warm basket.

Vinnie, watch what you do with that foot!

Pepper is the sweetest thing. She's been following me around the office all day just wanting cuddles.

Gorgeous Bitty napping by her window.

Eve is such a sweetie.

Alice is almost like a dog, the way she asks for attention. I love it =)

Josie doing what Josie does best.

Leo watching over his domain. 

Do you see a fly Babs?

Diago and Toby are enjoying some quality outdoor time together.

What do you think of that view, Emma?
Atticus snoozing away.

Toby loves his window.

Happy Monday!
Your blog host - Ellen

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