Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Loki just adores this spot.

Hmm.. He doesn't seem to pleased about his spot being taken.

Ziggy on the other hand, seems pretty happy about the view.

Loki is going to help answer the phone instead.

"Okay, you can have your spot back!"

Kiki has the most gorgeous eyes!

Aw what a sweetie Kali is. Enjoying some chin rubs.

Rufus looks like he's smiling!

Duke is ALWAYS under my feet. 

Phoenix is just too cute!

Look at him flopping around.
Duke getting ready to cause some trouble.

Watch out Mr T! These two have been chasing each other around all day! 
They've become pretty good friends.

Basso looks so regal. He's sooo handsome!

Pixel is on the lookout for birds.

Look at those claws! Is that why your name is Scratchy?

He's loving the outside kitty perches.

Olive is just too cute.

Maggie has the sweetest face. 

Brody doing his thing. Isn't he a cutie?

Malachi flopped over and started dragging himself closer to me.
Flopping and rolling around.

Vinnie's on the move today!

Watch out world!

Gomez has now moved himself so he's taking up 3/4 of the chair I'm sitting on.
That's okay, I don't mind sharing (he might though!)

Dexter is such a sweetie.

A rare quiet moment with Pepper!

Bitty found a cool hiding spot. 

Happy Memorial Day!

Your blog host - Ellen

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