Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29th

Goldie has been enjoying the plexiglas window.

Loki found a new spot to hang out in. As you can see, it's been well loved by many kitties!

Streeetch! Miss Wilson is just too cute.

Sleepy sleepy Bitty.

Venus is already running around the office.

Whitey enjoying some chin rubs.

I don't think he's happy I stopped!

Sweet Ziggy. He's such a love, he really cheered me up today! =)

Kali just snoozing away. She was out and about earlier today but it's nap time now.

Twyla just hanging out in her carrier.

Gorgeous Grace! 

Basso is soo sweet. Here he is just enjoying his comfy bed.

Your blog host - Ellen

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