Monday, August 21, 2017

August 21st

 Solar Eclipse Day!

At All My Kitties

We made pinhole boxes so we could safely watch the eclipse! We look silly but we got a fun view!

Gabby watched it from the office window

Night club Kaplan

Its a party in condo 6 with Penny, Marilyn and Ollie (inside)
Kap says "hey don't forget about me!"
Precious Penny hoping for some belly rubs

Sleepy Kashi
Theres that face!

Hey Big Boy!
Cassini says "draw me like your French girls"

The Dread Pirate Puck!

Lookin so cool up there
Millie is always happy to pose for me

Tana says "no pictures today please!"

Tao found the sunniest patch

Maxwell lives for the catio

Puddin' knows how to match his eyes

Daisy is such a cute lil catio romper
Delilah had a fun first adventure at AMK

Chaussette is such a diva

Such lovely talons Kap!

Caesar reminds me of a cherub

"U see deez clawz?" - Jessica

Cheeto is growing more confident everyday!
And a total cuddle bug!

Cassini tucked away

Who's precious toe beans are these?


Yuki, queen of the condos

Nyla helps me find all the dust bunnies under the desk

Percy could hardly be bothered for a photo shoot

Kiki loves his bubble bed

Jazmine mlem

Costello doing the Pet-me-roll
Who dat??

Jellybean all tucked in like a baby!

Thanks for tuning in!

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