Sunday, August 27, 2017

August 27th

Happy Sunday!

Appreciating the "little things" at All My Kitties 😹

Whose lil face is this??

Glam-ber Amber!
Ollie gives us some mlem

We just LOVE his sweet face!

Kiki has the prettiest eyes

Big-Eyes Pepper
Her brother Dexter forgot how to cat!

"Haha Dexter you cant get in!"

Nixie reminds me of a wise sage

Sweet Raffy

Dolly waits patiently to get picked up - bye bye sweetheart!

Nyla enjoys posing in the sun
And the desk!

PNB gets silly at nap time

Is it naptime for you too Puck?

Roger thinks it is
"Wait...I have to go home today?? Nooo!"
"But I'm having so much fun here!"
Bye bye Cheeto! We hope you come back again soon!  
What are YOU up to Puck?

We always love when Millie B comes to stay

Tula has the most lovely coat!

My adorable shadow, Lamar
So handsome, Lamar!

Newton is quite agile for his size
Looks like Newton wants a belly rub!

Lovely Lilli

Its a cat party! With Sarge, Brody & Daisy!

Welcome newcomer Beep!
Missy's got that excited vibrating tail goin!
She is just thee sweetest!

We're not quite sure what Caesar has in mind here...
We'll miss you sweet Chaussette! Come back soon!

Junebug is Chaussette's twin!

The always elusive Cassini
Royal Rajah

Gorgeous Jazmine

Thanks for tuning in!
(Percy was feeling camera-shy today, email us for photos if you missed him!)

Your blog host,

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