Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 13th

Everyone is in a sleep coma after Sunday dinner.


Leo is still grazing.  

 Tiger wants to tell me he saw something from the window veranda.

Dear, Darling, Dolly




 Maxwell is enjoying the window veranda

 Sophie is very comfortable in her basket

 Nazale just doing a little wash up after dinner.

 Penny is being a little silly kitty. Isn't she adorable? 




 Who's under the bedding?

 Peek a boo Gretchen.

ET comes to mind.

 Millie getting nosy.

 Kaplan is another nosy kitty.

Rocky couldn't be bothered.

Mr. Blue kind of looks like Rocky.  Both are sleepy heads.

 Chaussette is a big Maine Coon with a very short hair cut for the summer.

Chaussette's brother Caesar shows off his lion cut.  

Tiggs is an old timer.

 Bailey Bob is enjoying the cat tree.



 Riga comes down from her basket for a little more kitty chow.

Tom Cat discovers the catnip banana.  

Such a handsome boy, and he knows it!

 Goodnight Starbuck!

Juno was a little camera shy tonight.  Sorry.  Email if you would like to see more photos of your kitties.  

Your blog host - Marie

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