Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 3rd

All My Kitties getting ready for SeaFair weekend!

We just adore Janeway's sweet kitty face

Double Decker Kitty Bros Charlie & Notch!
Bella loves our newly refurbed cat tree

Scout says "I wanna play on it too!"

Ziggy watches as Scout excitedly climbs

Success! Scout & Bella scamper about 
Archer found a good scratching spot
Ziggy comes to check it out too!
Feeling playful Freyja?

Getting ready to take off!

Ziggy are you getting enough attention?

Jaz & Raj are curious as the Blue Angels soar by

Leo really taking after his namesake 

Jubilee is only slightly perturbed by the jets
Korra you're not really helping me work but you sure look cute!

Now Korra checks out the air show

Maxwell would prefer to watch the action from under the desk
Data looking like a mini-Rajah!
Gretchen is all action! 
You can't slow her down!
The party always starts when Archer walks in

Pan lives for the catio!
Sterling has been my shadow all week
ERU and..

TAIKO...still dreaming of a furrever home

Millie enjoying the catio before holding up in her condo during the noisy part of the day

There you are again Sterling!
Mavis give her best "come-hither" look

Mezzie does NOT care for the Blue Angels
Peacefully asleep, Chloe could care less

Who's that cute nose??
Tom Cat! He is really preferring the office today 
Butter taking his turn as office assistant
Bear like the shade of the cabins
Empress Nazale

Welcome Penny! We're so glad you've made yourself comfortable!

Olive is not in a picture mood

Jazmine says "see you again Saturday!"

Your blog host,

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