Tuesday, August 29, 2017

August 29th

So many black kitties this week!

At All My Kitties

Pepper has so much to say!
Gazing out the window longingly
Dexter prefers the comfort of his luxurious condo

Amber has the right idea by the AC

 Nyla the beautiful door-guard!

Kiki getting into trouble? Naw, just exploring

Kiki waits patiently while I clean his condo

Pink is good on you Percy!

Maybe pink nails next time?
Ollie is a great seat warmer

But wasn't down to share with me
Big stretches for Raffy!
We found a treat he can't resist...
Slurp slurp!

Rajah wanted some too

 But then he stole it!

Sorry to wake you Puck

Aww he's wanting some love!

Welcome Beep!
He already loves his condo
Jasmine's paw is so cute I could kiss it! (I did)

Brody is a stunner

 Lamar always finds the best sleeping spots

Kisses for Puck & Daisy
Such a cutie I couldn't resist!

Puss n Boots woke up to say hello

 Grant & Marianna are here for a loooong stay. 
Welcome sweet kitties!

Sorry you have to go home today Tula
"But I'm having so much fun out here!"
Whatcha see Arrow?

Love those amazing eyes!

Nixie loves her sky castle

Eru says thanks for checking us out!
Taiko says leave me alone I'm trying to nap!

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