Wednesday, August 23, 2017

August 23rd

 Happy Wednesday!

From All My Kitties!

Rajah looking for his cuddle time!
Jack Black on the look out!

Cassini is so mysterious

Jessica playing the clown!
Nyla is so sleek
Aww those lovey eyes!

Sweet Costello rolling around looking for cuddles

Percy helping me with the desk cords

Nixie says "no pictures yet please!"

Princess Jasmine

I always love bunk-bed kitties

Hello sweet Chloe!

Kiki toebeans!

Existential Percy

Amber is so stylin
Jellybean found the banana!

"I looooooove catnip!"

Get it Jellybean!

Raffy in his sky loft

Marilyn wasn't feeling the camera today - but we got a good look at those long white gloves 

We love Millie's squishy face
Welcome Missy & Sarge!
Confident Missy

Stern Sarge

Caesar plays coy with me

 Catio Princesses Daisy & Tao!

Puddin' had such a lovely first visit at AMK! Come back soon!

Handsome Lamar

Puck loves to climb
Those eyes say its time to PLAY

Adventure Cheeto!

Puck is just tryin to say hi, Taiko!

Puck lookin too cool

Newton is right at home!
Big yawns for Chaussette

Aaaand back to bed

Rajah and I thank you for tuning in!

Your blog host(s),
Angela (& Rajah)


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