Monday, August 7, 2017

Aug 7th

Monday Meows from All my Kitties!

After all the weekend excitement, the kitties are happy for a quiet day to snooze

Louie woke up just for a photo!  

Who said black cats aren't "Lucky"?

Leo is the definition of chill

Maxwell enjoys a field trip to the catio!

Eru is just the sweetest boy

Penny soaking in the sun


Getting some mlem from Pan

One does not simply wake Baily Bob from a nap

Here he comes!
Archer is always waiting for his photo moment

Gretchen loves to show off!

Taiko is sacked out
Sterling has stunning jade eyes

And always ready for a photo!

Bella's last day of a loooooong stay!

Janeway settling in for a much needed nap

We love Skylar's coordinated style
Ziggy's last day with sister Bella! Such a sweet guy!

Ziggy looking for mom & dad...they're almost here! 

Kaplan gets comfy

Kuro loves a good donut bed

Olive is so regal!
Ready to explore sweet girl?

Bear is loving the cool air at the top of the stairs

Could Moja be anymore precious??

I guess so! 

Diablo on the prowl

Snoozing siblings Jaz and Raj

Tom Cat adores his office condo and the quiet atmosphere

Welcome Charlie!


Domino awaits dinner patiently

Chloe in her princess pad

Rajah tries to fit on my lap to help with the blog!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your blog host,
Angela (& Rajah)

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