Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 10th

Happy Tuesday!

Whose in the bag?

Bobby hopes its his turn soon

Elijah patiently awaits lap time

Piccolo still nibbling some snacks

Bags is such a flirt

Percy's watchful gaze

Wally as content as can be 
I woke Zip up from a cozy nap

Percy gets ready for a nap too

Whose floofy toes?

Gabby! You're not asleep silly

Aussie wonders what all the commotion is

Sriracha ready to pounce!

Cougar is the handsomest!


Lamar looking rather proper today

Jasper loves nothing more than to gaze outside all day - I would too!

Always know where to find Eliza!

Archer gets photobombed by Lamar's butt
Caesar giving me the wink

So blissful!

Janeway loves to hang out with Caesar in his condo

Mittens & Poppy came out after a nice visit from Dad

Catharine still not sure...

Roscoe almost glitters in the sun

Welcome Newcomer Boo-Boo!

Aww Louie

Bobby is just having a blast here! 

You can't see it right now, but Nox's favorite cabin matches his eyes!

Archer thinks he is a people

Sing to me Lamar!

Louie are you anxious for dinner? 
Chaussette is happy to hang out with Cinnamon

Even in an empty condo!

Hey Ms Kitty....

Ella is a demure lady

Cinnamon baby!

Welcome Newcomer Pepper!

Chatty girl loves the pets

Bear is just fabulous!

Thanks for checking us out!

Your Blog Host,

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