Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April 4th

A little wet and wild at All My Kitties today

"How d'ye do," says Mittens.

Kato says he'd rather be somewhere else today.  Kato, cheer up.  We love you at All My Kitties.

Puss N' Boots just checking out the catio.

Sriracha has unique facial markings.
 Simon loves to play on all the cat furniture.

Puck is guarding the cat door and watching for passerbyers. 

And here comes one now.  Hello Tom Hanks.

Fluffy has the cutest round face.

Tom Hanks is on scout patrol.

Mew absolutely wont sit still for a photo.  Allison wrangled him into a hold position for about a second.  

Mika is such a pretty girl perched in her queen castle.

Jasper LOVES the outdoor cat window veranda.

Tiggs is a wee bit bored. 

Hoaloha is stepping up to the window for a peek out into the backyard.

Hi Bags.

 Zip is quite content on her condo blankie.

Piccolo is going to come out of this carrier any second now, I'm just sure of it!

 Elijah never likes it when I bump him off the office chair. 

Drake was in mid jump as I shot this photo.  He has such beautiful markings.

How does Percy manage to hide behind the desk drawer?  Come on out Percy!

Ollie is very happy, warm and cozy in his bed.  

Let us know if you would like to see more pictures of your favorite feline.
Your blog host - Marie

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