Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18th

Spring Break is never-ending at the cat hotel!

Energetic Elijah.  

Demure Colette.  


Simba has a rosy outlook on life.  

Kiya is full of spunk (we like spunk!)

Miyu was busy making his rounds this morning.  

Catherine must have been born sweet.  


Pretty, pretty Poppy.  

Samantha makes herself at home in the catio.  

What a day for Cutie!  

Hello again, Kiya!  

Welcome back, Frankie!  

Gretchen is a real cutie.  

George pokes his head out of his cabin.  

Nice to meet you, Tom Wizard!

Otis returned to us for another visit just moments ago.  

Already busy with a banana.  

Sebastian is a sweet little dumpling.  

Fantastic Moe.  

Pretty boy, Elijah.

Check out the eyes on Mittens.  

Boo-Boo here, reporting for duties!  

Time for pets!  

Adorable Bags.


Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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