Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 8th

Behind the scenes at AMK during Spring Break

Archer is the class clown!

Cinnamon has grown into a strapping young man!

Mika always listening for excitement
Smugly Sweet Caesar
Chaussette vegging out for the day
Capt Janeway always curious 
The Dread Pirate Puck!

Bear still looks like a baby kitten sometimes

Catharine's looooong legs

Snuggle bunnies Mittens & Poppy

Jake is our DJ

Fluffy is such an angel!

Mew welcomes Bobby to the AMK crew!

Aww Cleo being a flirt

Mew on the move! 
I know Nox's saucer eyes anywhere!

Eliza needs a sweater! Good thing her cabin is heated

Still trying to get down Archer?

Sriracha and her lovely freckles

Bobby gets some catio play time!

The party don't start till Puck walks in...

Mew is serious about the party

Nox in a hole!

Floofy toes

"She's behind me isn't she?" - Fluffy 
Welcome back Louie!

Cleo & Louie could be twins

Oh hey Caesar!

Wally enjoys a cardboard bed

Bags owns the place

Graceful Gabby 
Snuggle floof!

Ollie melts into his basket

Jasper peeks out to say hello


Biiiiig stretch for Zip 


Piccolo content as can be

Elijah is a sleepy boy today!

Nice assortment of toe beans

Hoa is a diva! 

Baby Bobby says "thanks for checking us out!"

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